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The Radiant Galaxy22 The Radiant Galaxy22 29 days ago

Col. Bleep’s Arrival on Earth Remake Story

I need some help in making this remake story more interesting.

Time Setting: 1957

Type of Media: Either a movie or a TV special

Part One: The Spaceman’s Beginning

  • Col. Bleep foretells his backstory about his life in Futura and how he joined the Futura High Command.
    • Bleep was born gifted and managed to graduate high school and college at 4-6 grades ahead.
    • He joined the Futura High Command at age 18-21 as an Assistant Space Deputy
    • Throughout 24 years he reaches higher ranks including the following:
      • Assistant Space Deputy
      • Space Deputy
      • Space Deputy 1st Class
      • Corporal
      • Specialist
      • Sergeant
      • Staff Sergeant
      • Sergeant 1st Class
      • Master Sergeant
      • 1st Sergeant
      • Sergeant Major
      • Command Sergeant Major
      • Sergeant Major of the High Command
      • Space Commander
      • Chief Space Commander 1
      • Chief …
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CB Remake Concept Art

Here are some concept art for redesigning the CB characters. I’ll eventually post art of the locations and items. Just let me know which design choices you prefer based on the letter bullets in each picture below.

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CB Remake Ideas

So I notice we kind of been talking about what it would be like if we had a remake for Colonel Bleep. Here are my suggestions.

  • The Story
    • There should be a better explanation on how Colonel Bleep met his soon-to-be deputies.
    • The show could probably be serialized, although the original was pretty plot driven.
  • The Characters
    • The characters personalities don’t need any change, but the characters themselves could be fleshed out a little more, especially the villains.
    • Unlike the original, which was heavily voiced over by a narrator, the characters are given a chance to talk more, including the protagonists.
    • The characters should be given more detailed redesigns.
  • The Art Style
    • I love the googie, mid century style, but it could have a few modern and more c…
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Low Spark of Lyman Low Spark of Lyman 19 June

Colonel Bleep Air Range

So it seems evident that Colonel Bleep premiered sometime in September of 1957 (the 23rd at the latest)...yet there doesn't seem to be anything to show when its series finale aired, just the accepted assumption that it was sometime in 1960 (I'd presume during spring). One thing I've noticed is that of all the episodes found (since 2019), the year of copyright (if any) for them are either 1956 or 1957- nothing of 1958-1960.

I don't know if that means Colonel Bleep ended before 1960. Could it be that the episodes were made in 1956-1957, then aired 1957-1960? I've read about a similar situation happening to the last batch of theatrical shorts with The Three Stooges (i.e. the Joe Besser era). Produced 1956-1957, aired 1957-1959. Although, …

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Do I Think Joe Barbera Worked for CB?

Do I think Joe Barbera worked for Colonel Bleep. My answer is no. However, I do think the show brought some inspiration to several cartoons made from Hanna Barbera. In fact, Barbera’s name never appeared in credits of that Colonel Bleep Show wraparound(the one with the quiz sections and Captain Star) or even in the VHS credits. My predictions say that if he did helped with the show, we probably would have gotten a remake at around the 60s to 80s. I know I posted my own fan art in my profile section, but here’s how I imagine what Colonel Bleep would have looked like if Hanna Barbera remade the series. Let me know what you guys think.

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Tinyirnfist0 Tinyirnfist0 16 June

Colonel Bleep fanart 2

Here's more fanart of Colonel Bleep. Here's fanart of the Terrible Trio. I made some alterations to the designs. As a what-if reboot, I changed some of the names to make it less problematic. Bruto's inner rage was inspired by Doug Lawrence's vocal warmup for Plankton.

  • spongebob voice actors vocal warmups
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Low Spark of Lyman Low Spark of Lyman 13 June

Art Blog

Since we're covering fanart now, I might as well upload my own. the majority of which are pencil drawings on regular paper. More will be uploaded after I find them.


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Tinyirnfist0 Tinyirnfist0 12 June

Colonel Bleep fanart

I have made my own Colonel Bleep fanart. Here's Dr. Destructo.

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Possibilities in Finding More Episodes

I heard that a film company called Reel Media International contained film reels for 90 episodes of Colonel Bleep. I checked out the website and noticed that these reels along with reels for other movies and tv shows can be useful for streaming, DVDs, tv broadcasting, footage for production. However, these reels along with the company can only be dealt with commercial businesses and not to the public. Unfortunately, the CEO, Tom T. Moore, has made plans to sell out his library due to having some health issues(they prevented him from attending any other international film markets). A few days ago, I contacted Moore asking if he could give me a list of the names of each episode(both lost and surviving episodes). He eventually responded to my…

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Unknown Episode

So I was looking through the old prints of the Daily Universe and found another lost episode titled: The Dubious ???r. I also found some found episodes that had the label “CARTOON” and not the show’s working title. So basically, the Terrible Sleep and the Big Thunder were apart of Colonel Bleep during the KBYU-TV reruns.

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Low Spark of Lyman Low Spark of Lyman 22 January

Two more Colonel Bleep episode titles?

Today, I've found a couple issues of The Daily Universe KBYU-TV listings, both mentioning episode names for "CARTOON"- "The Big Thunder" and "The Terrible Sleep".

TBT: - December 18, 1969

TTS: - December 19, 1969

Neither mention Colonel Bleep, hence why I'm only now discovering them (unlike the other missing episodes, which I found in the summer of 2019). However, I don't know what other cartoons may have been airing then.  Colonel Bleep, usually listed with "CARTOON", started airing on KBYU-TV on September 30, 1968. Listings for Colonel Bleep continued up to November 5, 1970, although "CAR…

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Low Spark of Lyman Low Spark of Lyman 6 October 2021

Cut-Up of The Invisible Gorilla

June 20, 2019 at 11:15 PM

The Ultimate Cut-Up Generator: The Invisible Gorilla/transcript

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Low Spark of Lyman Low Spark of Lyman 16 December 2020

VHS Blurbs


From the deep, dark recesses of your subconscious comes Colonel Bleep!

Stand by for Action…

Stand by for Adventure…

Blast off with COLONEL BLEEP -Space Ranger from the Planet Futura and star of the coolest cartoons produced during the Golden Age of Television.

Along with his deputies, SQUEAK - a puppet-boy, and SCRATCH - a super-strong caveman, COLONEL BLEEP is dedicated to preserving law and order throughout the Milky Way Galaxy.

From their earth-base on ZERO ZERO ISLAND, the Colonel and his companions thwart the evil doings of the villainous DR. DESTRUCTO and THE BLACK KNIGHT by the awesome power of Futomic Energy…

Created in 1956 by Jack Schleh and Robert D. Buchanan at the innovative Miami based Soundac Studio, this legendary production was…

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Low Spark of Lyman Low Spark of Lyman 16 August 2020

Episode Order

Going by the television listings from the Daily Universe (when Colonel Bleep was shown on KBYU-TV), this is what I've been able to piece together to determine the actual order of the episodes (asterisks indicate inferred numbers, as no available listings I've seen for those episodes include numbers):

1 - Col. Bleep's Arrival on Earth*

2 - The Uncharted Island*

3 - The Earth From Outer Space

4 - Building an Island Base

5 - Scratch and the Sea Serpent*

6 - Squeak and the Terrible Termite*

7 - The Runaway Rocket

8 - Manhunt on the Moon

9 - Scratch and His Feathered Friend

10 - Shadows of Suspicion

11 - The Prehistoric Present

12 - The Incredible Iceman

13 - The Mechanical Twin

14 - Squeak and the Black Knight

15 - Scratch and the Sputnik

16 - Traffic Jam in Sp…

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Low Spark of Lyman Low Spark of Lyman 3 December 2019

What's the deal with the episodes?

Okay, this is interesting.

It's often said that this show's episodes got stolen by car thieves some time ago. However, one of the main people behind Streamline Pictures, Fred Patten, had this to say (emphasis mine):

"Jerry Beck visited Mr. Schleh on behalf of Streamline and handed him a copy of Streamline’s first VHS release of Colonel Bleep shortly before he passed away. More sadly, all the Colonel Bleep masters that had been in storage in a Texas warehouse for decades, for 104 five-minute episodes, mostly turned out to be beyond restoration. Streamline got only two half-hour videos out of them, with covers in Schleh’s art style by Mike Kazaleh."

So according to Mr. Patten, the masters for the show were found (were they even stolen in the fir…

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Low Spark of Lyman Low Spark of Lyman 3 May 2019


This will be for my thoughts and observations about the Colonel Bleep series (and possibly other Soundac features as well), particularly for things that haven't been realized yet, at least as far as the Internet is concerned.

  • 1 Show
  • 2 Characters
  • 3 Story (partial)
  • 4 Voiceover
  • 5 Misc.

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Low Spark of Lyman Low Spark of Lyman 24 February 2019

Commercials, et al. List

The following are commercials and other types of productions known to have been made by Soundac (I've already mentioned Weather Man and Mighty Mr. Titan).

"They...[produced] over 4,000 local and regional commercials"- Marvin A. Kempner (CWTMM, p.60)

  • Good and Plenty [1][2]
  • Mountain Dew (mentioned by Jerry Beck and Marvin Kempner (CWTMM, p.60)) [3]
  • Somay Paint [4]
  • National Pest Control [5][6]
  • Great Seal [7]
  • Bruno Food Stores [8]
  • Howard Johnson's Restaurant [9][10]
  • Burdine's Department Stores [11][12]
  • Frontier Gas and Oil [13]
  • Pan American Airways [14] [15]
  • Standard Oil Co. of Ohio [16]
  • Sylvania Electric Products [17]
  • Red Stripe Beer [18][19][20]
  • Libby's [21] [22][23][24]
  • Skippy's Peanut Butter [25][26]
  • Charleston Chew [27]
  • Cafe Rico [28]
  • South Pacific Restaurants…

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Low Spark of Lyman Low Spark of Lyman 15 January 2019

Colonel Bleep in Japan?

Given the dearth of information on international broadcasts of Colonel Bleep, I thought this would be interesting.

A couple of sources purport to have information on Colonel Bleep being shown in Japan (both shown here translated):

Geocities Japan site, Japanese Wikipedia page on Colonel Bleep UPDATES: Blog and [1]

  • It seems the show was called "Captain Bleep" or "Space Patrol" (with the former applying to the title character), whilst Scratch ("the primitive man") was called "Mokomoko". Squeak appears to be "Kick" (because...he's one of the sidekicks?), as stated in the latest blog finding.
  • The Geocities site says "Captain Patch" in lieu of "Black Patch", whilst the names of the other villains appear unchanged. It also says that "Stand by for ad…
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Low Spark of Lyman Low Spark of Lyman 24 December 2018

Other Productions by Soundac?

I'd like to know what others think about having other Soundac productions (e.g. Mighty Mister Titan, Weather Man).

On the Garfield Wiki, we have, or plan to have, pages for most, if not all, other works by creator Jim Davis. I think the same logic could apply here.

For further rationale, these other Soundac productions probably won't make as large a percentage of the wiki articles as Colonel Bleep, and none of them are as well known as the already obscure CB. Some of them seem to have no information beyond their titles and connection with Soundac, so they could be listed in a miscellaneous page. I don't know what other option there would be, short of a Soundac Wiki; that seems comparable to having a wiki for Paws Incorporated or Jim Davis (g…

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Low Spark of Lyman Low Spark of Lyman 3 December 2018

Gallery Protocol

I'd like to know how galleries ought to be done for this wiki, particularly given the nature of Colonel Bleep episodes.

Should we include most, or even every, frame per episode, or should it just be a certain amount to represent the general storyline (keep in mind how the episodes are handled, particularly with repeat animations and reliance on "smears").

What are your thoughts?

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