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Danger Below is the 5th episode of Colonel Bleep.


Dr. Destructo tries to steal the pearls of Aqualand with help from Octo the Terrible.


In the depths of the ocean-covered planet Aqualand, the Frog Men gather giant pearls that are "the most priceless gems of the galaxies". One day, the pearls are stolen by the octopus known as Octo the Terrible, who has also driven away the Frog Men.

Colonel Bleep, Squeak, and Scratch travel to Aqualand to help the Frog Men recover the pearls. They find Octo taking the last of the pearls and loading them into Dr. Destructo's submarine. Although Squeak manages to use his lasso to throw Octo away, Destructo fires a torpedo at Bleep. The colonel is unable to shoot any futomic energy at the oncoming missile.

Scratch jumps onto the torpedo and veers it away from Colonel Bleep just in time. The torpedo is now headed for Dr. Destructo, who rises to the surface and tries to escape. Scratch continues to ride the torpedo, only jumping off when it is on the verge of hitting the submarine.

After the impact and explosion, Dr. Destructo is nowhere to be found, his fate left a mystery. The pearls are back where they belong. The Frog Men cheer for the heroes triumphing.



Daily Universe, 11-12-69 - Danger Below (-25).png
  • This episode is featured in the KBYU-TV television listings for November 12, 1969. It is given the episode number 25.[1]

Home video releases

  • 2005 - Colonel Bleep, Volume 1 (DVD)
  • 2008 - Giant 600 Cartoon Collection (DVD)
  • 2009 - Super 300 Cartoon Collection (DVD)
  • 2010 - 150 Cartoon Favorites (DVD)
  • 2018 - Colonel Bleep: The Complete Surviving Series Volume 1 (DVD)



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