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Space Station X-1 is the 17th episode of Colonel Bleep.

On September 12, 2019, Toontracker uploaded a print of the episode on his YouTube channel.


Bruto the Black Robot takes over Space Station X-1.


Space Station X-1, "the busiest, most important space platform of the galaxies", serves as "the very crossroads of the universe". Gydex, the control robot in charge of X-1, directs traffic "on perfect schedule".

When Squeak and Scratch approach Space Station X-1, the former requests a landing beam from Gydex to enter and refuel their space scooters. As Gydex prepares to comply, the robot is forcibly removed and replaced by another robot: Bruto. Before Squeak can realize what is going on, his scooter gets locked on the landing beam and pulled inside X-1. Bruto switches landing tubes before calling on Scratch, planning to make him enter X-1 and crash into Squeak.

To warn Scratch, Squeak blinks the landing lights of his scooter. This makes the caveman turn away and try again. Squeak manages to blink to deter him again. His plan foiled, Bruto resorts to using Space Station X-1's defense guns on Scratch. Scratch tries to fight back with his own scooter guns; he quickly runs out of ammunition.

As Scratch pulls up his scooter, his club falls out. It manages to fall down on Bruto, bringing the evil robot down. Space Station X-1 is soon back in Gydex's control, bringing business back to normal. The apprehended Bruto is imprisoned in one of X-1's defense guns.



Daily Universe, 11-25-69 - Space Station X-1 (-37).png
  • This episode is featured in the KBYU-TV television listings for November 25, 1969. It is given the episode number 37.[1]
  • This is the only surviving episode of Colonel Bleep where the title character does not appear, although he is mentioned when Squeak and Scratch first appear.
  • The print of this episode, available as of 2019, is sepia-toned.



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