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Zero Zero Island is an island that contains Colonel Bleep's headquarters. Bleep constructed homes for himself, Squeak, and Scratch on the island. He also made a "gigantic plastic-like dome" for protection.

Zero Zero Island's coordinates are at the intersection of the Earth's Equator and Prime Meridian, or (0,0), hence the name. It is relatively near the continent of Africa.


Zero Zero Island is described to have the shape of a crescent moon. The island’s vegetation includes grasslands, bushes, flowers, and trees that grow fruits such as coconuts. For water, Zero Zero Island reveals a small brook for fishing and gathering freshwater. It also has a lagoon which marks the end of the brook. Behind the lagoon and forests, there are a few mountains with caves and at least one volcano.

One of the homes in Zero Zero Island feature a saucer-shaped laboratory, which is where Colonel Bleep resides in. Under the lab lies a cozy cottage for Squeak and a humble cave for Scratch. On top of Scratch’s cave lies a garden for fruits and vegetables.



  • In a "pitch" piece for the series, one of the suggested contests was to "re-name Zero-Zero Island".[1]
  • According to Levente Juhasz and Peter Mooney, Zero Zero Island from Colonel Bleep introduced the concept of an island located on the coordinates (0,0). This has since become known as "Null Island", a term coined by developer Steve Pellegrin in 2008.[2]